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Blowing the Shofar In Today’s World – Part 1.

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Ezra and the Shofar For This Season

Back in August of this year – 2023 – the Lord told me to blow my shofar every day until the feast of Trumpets. I had just gotten this little shofar the last year at the tail end of the feasts. It is a hard instrument to learn to blow and make any decent sounds. I managed to get a good blast out of it after a few weeks, and then I put it down and forgot about it. The feasts were over, so I just put it to the side.

I’m new to this world. I’m not Jewish. I know very little about their culture and the feasts. Last year was my first time looking into their significance for a Christian in today’s world. From what I’ve learned about it, Jesus never told us to stop doing them. Over time, and as the church that was emerging got watered down by pagan cultures, we adapted the pagan practices into the church. God still wants us to honor these feasts even though Jesus has fulfilled them.

The evidence of this is clear to me as I had some amazing experiences while blowing my shofar every day for 6 weeks. At first, it was just a sense of the sound vibrating in the spirit realm. The Lord showed me that the sound of the shofar carries on the wind of the spirit and resounds into the spirit realm. It not only is a weapon for spiritual warfare, but it is also an instrument for awakening souls!

As I got better at making a really good blast out of the trumpet, I received more and more spiritual insight. Below is the first revelation I got ….

Culture of Heaven

As I blew the trumpet, the blast rang out, a quick vision popped into my head. I was standing on a street in ancient Israel that had very tall buildings above me and I saw trumpeters lined up along the sides of the street on both sides. And in the distance, I could see these large snowcapped mountains. I could feel that in the spirit realm, there was no time. I was a part of a long line of trumpeters stretching back through the ages, all of us connected in the spirit, and space and time, by the same ancient instrument and the spirit of God.

In the spirit realm, the past, present, and future are all one. The vision was so powerful that I felt like I was transcending time and space. I felt I was there among them.

The Lord showed me that the earth is on a clock, spinning until it runs out, but the spirit realm has no time.

In the spirit realm, I could step into ancient Israel now as if it were today.

Second blow of the shofar

I saw myself as if I was there smiling and  I saw people walking down the streets of ancient Israel greeting each other. 

I experienced a feeling of unity. I sensed that all of the people were of one accord and God was the center of their culture. The unity was profoundly affected by daily sacrifices, feasts, and the practice of the sabbath and sabot. 

A man with a turban on his head, kind of like the picture, but it was white and reddish with long sashes coming down, greeted me. He had a big smile on his face. It was very peaceful. I could feel that I was part of a culture of brotherhood. The man in my vision had a white robe.

The image below doesn’t convey the sense of peace and joy that I felt coming from the man, but the clothing is similar except the man I saw was in all white.

The Lord then showed me that ..

The Hebrew language itself has meanings. Every letter has a meaning and when those words are spoken, the presence of God is going out into the atmosphere. When people in Israel spoke, the breath of God was spoken forth. I believe this still happens. Our words have power. Everything you speak over yourself and your family and friends is prophesy.

In my vision, the whole culture was about doing things with God as the central focus opposed to a false god as in the surrounding pagan cultures. The Hebrews did adapt and rebel against God at various points in their history, but this vision portrayed the perfect unity and love that God promised to them if they obeyed.

The other thing that stood out to me was that we are so used to being in a secular culture that we don’t understand how life was in ancient times. Every culture, including the Hebrews, worshipped some kind of deity. (I have more about that in my other posts). But our world today, in the Western culture at least, is not focused on God. We are focused on our jobs, family, or entertainment. Most of us go to church on Sunday and leave God out of our lives Monday through Friday.

I could get a real sense that the love and health and community that God wants/wanted for his children is a parallel of the life we will have in eternity with him, where we love one another perfectly, only then we will not have any imperfections or sin to impede this perfection. He wants us to have this NOW! He wants his kingdom to come to the earth NOW!

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