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Healing Meditation.

When you meditate, God's peace comes alive, past problems disappear, and connecting with Him while sharing your thoughts and feelings supercharges His healing power over you!

Have you ever tried meditation and prayer? It’s a wonderful way to connect with yourself and with God.. Practicing regularly can help you build a relationship with HIM and cultivate resilience to get victory over challenging situations. Not to mention, adding meditation to the mix can give you an even deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Are Prayer and Meditation the Same?

While they are both similar and both are used to connect with God, prayer differs from meditation. Prayer is a petition. Prayer is when you go before God and ask him to do something for you, such as heal a loved one, asking for financial help, or whenever you need the power of God in your life. 

Meditation is a different animal, and when talking about christian meditation it can get a bit fuzzy. You often hear the phrase –  meditate on the scriptures. This is when you read a passage of the bible and take time to study it, or think about the depths of its meaning.

Then there is the kind of meditation where you spend quality time with God. It’s when you put aside everything in your life to sit quietly with him, to be still, and to hear the still, small voice of God. It can be a wonderful time of healing and revelation. This is where you build intimacy with him. Here is where you learn more about him and he pours out his love over you.

God's healing will fix the root cause of your problem.

This is where the inner healing begins. God is not about coping or putting a bandaid on something. He is about total healing. He is about getting to the roots of the problem and pulling it out of your life completely.

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Marjorie Whitley is a prophetic musician and photographer. She sees visions from heaven, and brings words of encouragement, hope, and the healing of God through her music, art, and the written word.

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