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Put on Your Full Armor!

Put on your full armor of God, because there is a battle ahead to help the ones who will be wounded by the current events of the day.

Today, Easter Sunday, 2021 the Lord surprised me with a word about what is about to come. My sense was that this would be STARTING to happen this week … week after Easter and Passover. He is putting out a warning that things are about to get revealed and no one will be able to dispute what is being shown and said. The words are for both the church and to the world, but his heart is for the church to be ready to receive people who are going to be shaken. … test the spirit of this word as always.

Like the flower in the spring, you can count on my coming.  Like the birds of the air that fly above the skies, I am coming. Like the birds who build their nests in the spring and new life begins I am coming. Like water that flows out of the stream and pours out into the ocean, you can count on my love.

Sing praises to me for it fills me with joy. My joy that will come and fill you. Don’t look to the left or to the right but only at me. You will see things in the sky and in the world that will cause you to veer away from me. Don’t let these thing fool you. There are things in this world that want to masquerade as if they were gods. They want you to bow down to them. They are saying that they have the answers.

Don’t be fooled by this my children. For I alone am GOD. I alone care for you. I alone am the Shepherd.  My people have turned from me. My people have let other gods come into their hearts. Like a veil over their eyes or a curtain that they cant see. I am removing that veil. It is a painful removal. This removal will leave them naked and bare. What is in their hearts will be revealed. 

I do this out of my love for them. I do this to open their eyes. I do this to expose evil and corruption. Like a wound that has festered under the skin. Like the wounds that are under the bowels of the earth. I am uncovering them. I am cleaning them, and after they are clean they will be healed. That is when you will see the changes in this nation. 

Put on your full armour. Buckle up for the days ahead for you will see a battle. You will see a battle played out. You will see a battle that I, GOD, have won. But I must expose the hidden things. That is what you will see. 

Many will cry. Many will be sliced open. Many will drop their weapons and run. Many will know that I AM GOD almighty. Many will tremble in their boots. Many will say surely there is a GOD in this world. Many will have their eyes opened. I do not seek to harm. I seek to open. Sometimes this opening is painful like opening the festering wound. Many would rather this wound go unhealed as long as it doesn’t grow worse or become noticeable. But I am causing the wound to open. I am causing it to burst wide. 

There will be trembling and quaking. Trembling and quaking on the earth and inside or the hearts of men such that they can’t run and hide. Such that they must see. It will be shocking to many. Gird your strength and wait for my command.

I am calling out many to heal. Many will come in need. I am calling out many to heal. 

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Marjorie Whitley is a prophetic musician and photographer. She sees visions from heaven, and brings words of encouragement, hope, and the healing of God through her music, art, and the written word.

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