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Your Only Purpose Is To Love Me

Life is meaningless .. a chasing after the wind …Ecclesiastes 1:14

Today I was going on my daily walk and complaining to God about how disappointed I was that my life didn’t seem to have any real purpose. Do you ever feel that way? You know, just thinking that I would feel happier if I was doing more .. or maybe comparing myself to others that I think have that magic balance in their lives that tell them that they are on the right track??

So then God interrupts my thoughts and says to me: “What if I were to tell you that your only purpose was to love me”?

Wow. That just blew all the clouds away! It’s about love. We are here to LOVE. To love and be loved. That is our purpose. That is why he created us. To love us and to return that love. He wanted children, not robots or servants. He wanted children to LOVE and, to love back, without conditions. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to earn this love. It’s there all the time.



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Marjorie Whitley is an Atlanta-based Singer/Songwriter, Christian Meditation blogger, and Prophetic Fine Art Photographer.

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