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Stalking The Grey Heron

I’ve become a stalker. I’ve been stalking a Grey Heron for the past 18 months.

There is a park a little over a mile from where I live that has this really nice little lake in it. It’s on the map as a designated birding site here in north Georgia. So many varieties of water fowl come and go here. Mallards, Geese, The Great White Egret, King Fishers, and The Grey Heron.

I had been trying to get a great shot of The Heron but it was never there when I had my favorite camera set up. Every once in a while I could see it fly by my window at my house on it’s way to the park.

I jumped up from my seat, grabbed my trusty camouflage jacket and my Nikon, and headed out the door. It was a cold a wet day … perfect for shooting wildlife! We had had a massive amount of rain that week. The creeks and streams had overflowed all the way up to the docks and bridges, even washing one of them out. The water fowl just loved it!

By the time I got down the biggest washed out bridge, the Heron was gone. Just my luck. But, as a wildlife photographer you have to be willing to sit and wait it out. And on this day my luck had turned good! Just a few minutes of waiting and the Heron returned!

This guy was in no hurry or fear of me. I got my great shot … and then some! The mist and fog gave it this mysterious look don’t you think?

I named him Hermon because the top of this head made me think of Hermon Munster lol!

Playing around with a back ground for these two. These are two shots together that I put together. Both from the park.

I call this one Heron in the Moonlight.

Thanks for looking!

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Have a great day, and get out there and start shooting!

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