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Strong, Like An Oak.

Do you ever feel like it’s too late, or that you are too old to have a purpose in this life? I’m here to tell you that is a lie from the father of lies himself. Here is a wonderful word of encouragement that came to me one evening this month. This word tells of how GOD feels about this topic. God sees you as a mighty strong oak that has purpose up until you breathe your last breath on this earth. This word also tells us that changes are gonna come to our world here in the near future ….

Change, change, change. Everything’s about to change. Can you feel it in the air? The celebrations have already begun. Look at the old. Take a good look at the old, for it will be gone soon. You will look back on it and say, the past is gone, gone away.

For forward is the future. Forward is where I am. Eternity is where I am. Only those who look back will become a pillar of salt. Those who look forward will catch the fruit. 

The past is filled with death, and dreams that died. The future is filled with hope and promise. Let the dead bury the dead. Let the dead stay with the dead. Let the fresh new leaves spring forth with new life. Let the old leaves die away. Only those who catch the future will bear fruit. 

There is a new revolution about the begin. A revolution of hope and eternal things. Death does not belong to those who’s hope is in Me. I cannot die. I can only bring life. Death does not know me. Death is not my friend. Death has no place in your LIFE. 

Chase away the cobwebs. Chase away the thoughts that speak of death. Death is not for the living. Life is eternal. Put away the thoughts that say death is near, death is near, so I must follow its lead. I must allow the young to flourish.

I tell you that all are young. As long as you have breath in you. Until the last day you stand upon this earth. 

There is a voice that says … I am getting too old. I am getting too old to be used with a purpose. Fie on that voice! It is a lie! For the devil knows that the older you grow, the more powerful you become. Just look at the fig tree, or any tree that bears fruit. Does the fruit come to the young tree or the old tree?  Does the old tree need to be propped up and nurtured against the storm? 

The old tree stands strong while the winds blow, and it shelters the young ones below it. The young trees look up to the old trees with awe. Nay, the voices are liars. For they know the power of the old trees. They say .. if we knock out the old trees, there will be no shelter for the young ones. 

Stand strong, like an oak. Stand strong, my old trees. Do not let your branches wither. Stay strong in your heart. Stay strong in your mind. For I have a purpose for you. 

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Marjorie Whitley is a musician and photographer with a prophetic vision. With every snap of her camera, every word she writes, and every note she sings, she shares the messages of hope, healing, and encouragement she receives from her visions of heaven.

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