Prophetic Words

The Walls of Jericho Are Falling.

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The Clock Has Run Out.

My plan, my plan, my plan. My plan is coming to fruition. Do you see the devastation all around you? Do you see the desolate places? Those are the places where I am absent. 

A smokescreen. A smokescreen is being engaged. A smokescreen is being engaged and lodged against the people. The smokescreen is telling lies about the truth of what really going on. 

What’s really going on is the walls of Jericho are falling down. The impenetrable walls of Jericho are falling. Just as in Joshua’s day. The walls looked impossible to invade. But I, I was able to make them come down. In a moment those walls came crashing down. 

This is who I AM. Those who can’t see me will shudder and shake. Those who can’t see me will fall into the hands of the lies. Gird up your strength my soldiers. For the army is marching forth. The angel armies are on the ground and running. 

My people have been pushed down for too long. It’s time for my People to rise up. It’s time for my people to rise up and take position. I have stations all over the world. My people will rise up and take the battle field. My church is ready to change. My church is ready to look up to me. 

I will pour out mercy on those captive. I will pour our mercy on those captive to the lies they have clung to. It’s time to rip off the veil. My church has been in hiding for too long. My church has been afraid for too long. I am going to rip off the veil of lies that have surrounded her. 

You will see my arm moving across the nation and the nations. The church will be silent no more. As you turn to me I will pour out my oil of healing. I will pour out my oil of healing on your wounds, oh my church. The tides of the sea are moving and the wave is coming. The tsunami wave. 

Many will be afraid. Take cover my children. Hold your loved ones close. Like the blood of the lamb on the door posts I will cover and protect you from harm. Woe to those who do not have the blood. For their hearts will be stripped bare. Their hearts will be stripped bare to revel what’s inside. 

Extend your hand to them that they may get under the covering with you. For now is the time to reach out. Now is the time to reach out and not hold back. I am coming like a flood over your land. You will see it and know that it is me. 

Fear not. For I am merciful and good. I will protect those who love and know me. But woe to those who do not know me. ( I was sensing sadness from the Lord here). Woe to those who do not look up into the sky and know that I am God. The clock has run out on them. I have extended my grace to them time and time again. Now they are taking advantage. They are taking advantage of my grace. They are taking advantage of my mercy. They are taking advantage of those that I love. 

The klaxon alarm will ring. Sound the alarm. 

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Marjorie Whitley is a musician and photographer with a prophetic vision. With every snap of her camera, every word she writes, and every note she sings, she shares the messages of hope, healing, and encouragement she receives from her visions of heaven.

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