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Celtic Harps, Flutes, and Sweet Dreams.

Imagine the peace of God hovering over you, or your child while you, or they, drift off to sleep. Dreams are the bedrock of God’s creation. We are here because he dreamed us … He spoke and the world was created. Dreams are an important part of our life with God. I believe that he begins to plant dreams in us even in the womb. 

I know that God wants to be a part of the life and dreams that he gives us. I know that when you speak the blessings of God over a loved one, or a child, that he is there in that blessing. The spark has begun. The seed is planted, and it just needs breath to make it grow.

When you invite God speak over you while you sleep you are allowing him to plant those seeds inside of you. He has a plan and a purpose in mind for you. He gave you gifts that are unique to you alone. 

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Changing the Spiritual Energy.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to fall asleep because you mind is racing? Maybe your mind is consumed with thoughts about a negative encounter with a friend or co-worker. Maybe you think about all you have to accomplish the next day. Maybe you just feel lonely. I have discovered that I can actually change the atmosphere of my room from negative to positive! Instead of feeling sad or angry or lonley, I supercharge the spiritual energy in my space.

How can you do this?? 

Create a playlist of God powered songs or stories. Set it for 30 minutes or until you fall asleep. God powered songs or stories could be a recording of the psalms, bible scripture, worship music, and God inspired stories. Check out my MEDITATION SHOP to see my all of my music, stories, and medtations.

Angel Wings, A Celtic Expression.

Angel Wings is a CD full of soothing God inspired songs that I wrote during my personal meditations with God. Each song is a unique expression of God’s heart, and the whole album has a Celtic touch. Flutes, Harps, Guitar, Sweet lilting vocals, and lyrics inspired from the heart of God.

The album is like standing in a meadow with birds singing, Irish flutes sweetly wafting on the air, Harps enveloping the entrance of heaven, and the annointing of God to grant you peace. 

The song Rockabye was written especially with children in mind. I’ve written another blog about the birth of this song. You can read about it HERE . The heart behind this song is to create an atmosphere of peace and calm for children and adults, to bring the presence of God, and his angles into the hearts and minds of all entering into the alpha sleep. God will sing over you, or your child to chase fear, worry, pain, and a whole host of negative thoughts far away! 

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As you listen to the song, allow yourself to be still. Allow yourself to forget your troubles for a moment. It’s time to let God handle your troubles. As you allow yourself to let go of guilt or fear of the future, know that God is listening.

He can handle all of your cares and plant beautiful seeds of the future over little sleeping ones.

He will put sweet dreams in your heart and your head.


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Marjorie Whitley is a musician and photographer with a prophetic vision. With every snap of her camera, every word she writes, and every note she sings, she shares the messages of hope, healing, and encouragement she receives from her visions of heaven.

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