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America, Rise up!

You Will See The Power of the Red Sea in This Hour!

This is a loaded word. The Lord told when he gave it to me that I needed to wait a week before I put it out because I needed to study and digest the information. There are scriptural references all throughout this word, and I have links to the scriptures that they pertain to. Things in parentheses are my understanding of the word, and a link to an article from the Israel National News.

Do you hear the clarion call? 

Do you hear the sound of the alarm on the horizon? Do you hear the earth moaning and groaning and crying out? For these are the signs of the times. Matthew 24: 4-14As the earth moans and groans. Romans 8:18-22.

For the earth will moan and grown until those that are called rise up and take their place (in the areas of influence), take their station. For I have not called you to lose a battle. I do not call my army and my soldiers together so that they would lose a battle, so that they would lose this war. 

That is NOT MY plan.

My plan is for victory, as victory has always been my plan. Whenever my children call out to me in victory, victory, victory is at hand.

So do not think that you are defeated. You are not a defeated people. You are not a defeated army. You are not grasshoppers in the midst of giants. You are my mighty warriors, called to battle, called to defeat the giant. Called to shut the mouth of that ogre speaking lies. Numbers 13: 30-33.

Was David afraid of the giant because of his size? (Davids). David did not see the giant. David saw me. The spirit was on him. He knew where his strength was. He knew where his confidence was. It was in the Lord. That is where your confidence needs to be. That is where your strength needs to be. 1 Samuel 17:41-52.

Don’t look to the LEFT. Don’t look to the RIGHT. For your strength is not in the LEFT, or the RIGHT. Your political leaders do not know the strength of the LORD. Do not look to them as guides for they do not know. Your guide is in heaven. Your guide is in heavenly places. 

Do not think that you are small. Do I not use the things that are weak to confound the things of the strong and the wise and the learn’d. 1 Corinthians 1: 26-27. It is not your flesh; it is not your own strength that leads you up a mountain and gives you victory. It is MY strength. Just as in the days of old, when the armies of the Lord would go forth in battle and they would cry out to me, and they would blow their trumpets and their enemies would scatter! 

Because I AM the LORD. I AM. I am greater than all of these things. Put your strength in me. For I have won this battle. I have already won this battle, but I want you to climb with me. I want you to go WITH me. 1 Corinthians 3:9-11.

Gird up your strength.  You are not weak. You are not a weak people. You have the strength of 10,000 armies at – your- side! You can defeat this foe. Oh, my little children, who do not know. Who have never seen. Who do not know the power of the Red Sea. And how I parted that Red Sea. But you are going to see that power. You are going see that power in this day. Exodus 14.

YES! That power is coming! And just like the children who crossed the sea. There will be those who will doubt and cry out and want to go back to Egypt. 

But you can’t go back to Egypt. You can only move forward. And when you move forward, there will be more battles, more victories, more things to conquer. 

For just like a weed, if you do not stop this pest from growing, it will come back, and it will take over your garden and it will choke you out. It is not time to rest. 

It is not time to sit back on your laurels. It is time to gather your strength, and look to ME as your King and guide. NOT YOUR POLITICAL LEADERS. THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU. THEY WILL NOT PROTECT YOU. I WILL.

It is time to grow up AMERICA. My church. My people. It is time to grow up and put your childish things away. There is a war. There is an army out there. And you have to defeat it. It will not go away. It must be destroyed.  As I instructed Saul to destroy the Amalekites. And he disobeyed me and he did not destroy them. And it produced WEEDS! WEEDS in my garden, that have to be taken out EVEN THIS DAY.

EVEN THIS DAY those weeds are taking over the garden. They are trying to CHOKE YOU! 

You must subdue them. 


Exodus 17:16

He said, “Because hands were lifted up against the throne of the LORD, the LORD will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation.

Who are the modern day Amalekites? Read the Article below.

Israel National News

Anti Semitism Act  


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