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From The Glamour of the Stage to the Door of Heaven

I had just come back to Atlanta from Nashville, Tennessee. I was trying anything to get my foot into the door of the music business. I didn’t like country music, but I was willing to try it if it meant being a part of that glorious gold idol called the music business. 

I had dreams of being a rock star too. I played the guitar and was trying my best to write songs. But, I had gotten a little weary of the road to rock stardom. I loved creating music, but I really hated the lifestyle. Playing in clubs and bars was just not my thing at all. Not to mention the perilous ladder of trying to break into the music business. But, back in that day, that was the only way anyone could make a living as a musician.

So, being disillusioned and worn out from the music pursuit, I shifted my dream. 

I put my guitar away and sought fulfillment as an actor. I can remember how exciting it felt at the end of a show and getting the applause. I was in desperate need of approval, but I didn’t know it. Everything I did in terms of music or acting was for that sense of approval and trying to prove to myself and others that I had value. 

I began seriously pursuing acting around the Atlanta area. And soon I developed this dream of going to New York to study acting with a renowned acting teacher named Lloyd Williamson. 

I had my life all planned out, but what actually happened to me changed my life, and who I was forever. While I was dreaming of making my mark in the entertainment business, God was making plans of his own. For some reason, he looked down on this nobody who wanted to be a somebody in the eyes of the world and saw someone else. 

He saw a heart that wanted more. He saw a heart that was hungry for something real. 

He knew that what I longed for was a relationship. He knew he had everything that I longed for and thought I could get from a career. From the day that I started to work on my plan for New York, he started working on his plan for my heart. I began going to an awesome church with these great pastoral counselors. In just a few months, he totally took my desire for the entertainment business and replaced it with a desire to use my gifts to point a hungry, lost world to him.

After experiencing the excitement and what I thought was fulfillment through applause, I discovered that the audience of ONE was the greatest fulfillment ever! There is NOTHING greater than touching heaven and entering the throne room of God! I can still remember those first few times that I led worship for the first time.

It. Was. Magnificent!

Such a deep, deep connection with God. So much love! Nothing else mattered to me in those moments.

I’ve had the pleasure of leading worship for Sunday morning church, kids’ church, small groups, singles groups, and healing services.

God IS the pinnacle. The only fulfillment and audience I crave. 

Now I share with YOU the beautiful doorway that I see through to his kingdom. I invite you into the world I share with him. It is my greatest hope that you find the beauty and fulfillment, peace, or assurance that only He can give. And see the kingdom through the eyes that he has given me through my music.

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Marjorie Whitley is a musician and photographer with a prophetic vision. With every snap of her camera, every word she writes, and every note she sings, she shares the messages of hope, healing, and encouragement she receives from her visions of heaven.

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